Amazon Success Story & Interesting Biography of Jeff Bezos

Amazon Success Story & Interesting Biography of Jeff Bezos

Amazon Success Story | Biography of Jeff Bezos

Amazon Success Story: In this article, we will know about the Interesting Biography of Jeff Bezos and amazon success story, & inspirations, etc…

“If you never desire to face criticism for any fine work, don’t ever try to do anything new. If you are not stubborn, you will give up soon by doing experiments”. These are the words of Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man who recently surpassed Bill Gates, who is the founder and owner of Amazon eCommerce.

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Amazon is a name that no one is unaware of now. The eCommerce website, which was launched almost 20 years ago today, has become famous in India for being the world’s largest online retailer.

From 2017 to now Jeff Bezos is the first richest person in the world with 204.6 billion US dollars net worth in August 2020.

✫ Early Life of Jeff Bezos

This is the story of Mr. Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen, the founder & owner of the Amazon company, who was born on 12 January 1964 (age 56) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.

His mother Jacqueline, who gave birth to him, was then a 17-year-old minor girl. When Jeff was three years old, his father Ted Jorgensen left Jeff and his wife in the lurch.

His mother Jacqueline married Miguel Bezos and grew up under the supervision of Jeff’s stepfather.

✫ Interest

It is said that the feet of the pot is seen in the cradle. When Geoff did not even know how to walk, he tried to open his cradle with the screwdriver.

When Jeff grew up, he developed an interest in electronic gadgets. In childhood, Jeff’s half-brother did not enter his room without telling him that he had made an electric alarm.

When Jeff was in the fourth class, the first time he came to his school was a Mean Frame computer. Teachers also did not know how to run a computer, then Jeff read the manual with his friends and learned to run the computer. Because of his talent, he received the Silver Knight Award and National Merit Scholarship from the University of Florida.

✫ Education & Marriage

He did his Bachelor of Science and Engineering in Computer Science from Princeton University. After graduating from college in 1986, he got a big job in the computer science field in Wall Street in New York. Jeff was very fond of books and was always reading something.

Jeff Bezos was married in 1993 to MacKenzie Scott Tuttle. (div. 2019) with which they also have 4 children.

✫ Online Business Idea

One day in April 1994, during Net Surfing, he came to know that the number of web users is increasing at the rate of 2300 percent every year. In the blink of an eye, he got the idea that why not do business online. In order to realize his idea, he quit a decent job. It was certainly a risky decision, especially when she was newly married.

Now the question was what should be sold on the internet. After brainstorming, he got the idea of ​​online bookselling.

Amazon Success Story & Interesting Biography of Jeff Bezos

✫ Amazon Success Story

He founded his online company in 1994 and started it in 1996.

Jeff first wanted to rename it but three months later he renamed it He named it after a letter so that it would quickly come up in Internet search alphabetical orders. He chose the name of the world’s largest river Amazon because he wanted to create the world’s largest online bookselling company.

Their website started as an online bookstore but later it started selling DVDs, software, electronics, and other items. Jeff started his company from his home garage where there were only three computers and employees. Online sales software was created by Jeff himself and his parents made an initial investment of three million dollars.

On 16 July 1995, Jeff started selling books on his website. In the starting month, Amazon company sold the books in 50 US states & 45 other countries. But this task was not easy, books had to kneel on the ground and the books had to be packed and Jeff himself had to go to deliver the parcel.

While packing the books, one day Jeff asked his colleagues that you know what else you should do to make this task easier. Then the partner replied yes we should keep the pillow under the knees. Then Geoff laughed and the very next day he bought some tables so that books could be packed on them.

Jeff’s hard work paid off and by September, sales of 20 thousand dollars started selling every week. By 2007, had become the brand for online sales.

✫ Amazon Kindle eBooks

But the company’s turning point came when Amazon Kindle Books eReader hit the market in 2007, through which books can be downloaded and read immediately.

Within 6 hours of landing on the Kindle market in November 2007, all of Kindle’s stock was sold and out of stock for the next five months. With Kindle Reader, Amazon captured America’s new 95% ebook commerce. Kindle proved to be very beneficial for Amazon as it did not halt the shopping of books and also saved the expenses and became a permanent customer.

What happened after that the company, which started with three employees, has more than three lakh employees today and Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in the world, leaving behind Bill Gates. Let’s know the fundamentals of Jeff’s life that he became the richest man in the world.

✫ Interesting Fundamentals of Jeff Bezos life

Jeff Bezos says that if you think about the long-term future, you can take a good life-related decision that you will not regret later. Jeff always took the business decision on the policy of long-term future and minimum repentance. He thought that he would not regret leaving the job at the age of 60, but he knew very well that he would always regret not trying. So he tried and reached the pinnacle of success.

The easiest way to succeed a new job is Jeff’s fundamental mantra of success is that he started the online selling of books. On his website, he added many new features like One-Click Shopping, Customer Review, Email ID Verification, etc.

When Jeff started Amazon, he did not have a marketing budget, so there was no question of advertising. Later, he thought that the best advertisement is that customers praise Amazon in front of their friends and relatives. Jeffs gave customers a great experience Jeff made his products and services so much better than customers themselves started praising and promoting them.

At the time of setting up the company, Jeff’s father asked him the question about what is the Internet, then his mother replied that we are not betting on the Internet, we are betting on our son Jeff. This belief of the parents was proved to be 100 percent correct and the parents became billionaires in 2000, owning 6% shares of Amazon.

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