Difference Between BSc and BTech Courses

Difference Between BSc and BTech

Difference Between BSc and BTech

Difference Between BSc and BTech: In this article, we will know about the Difference Between BSc and BTech Courses with full information, etc… Hello Friends, welcome back to all of you in our blog Starchand once again.

After passing the twelfth class, science students have a big challenge to do graduation in which? Should he take a BSc degree or B. Tech? Often engineering is the suggestion of parents. But if the student takes admission in engineering without his interest, then he is not able to graduate because he had to take a general BSc course and choose some of the career options he has to get.

In the same manner, when the interested student in technical knowledge starts doing B.Sc instead of B.Tech, it often becomes a very bad experience for him. In such a situation, there is a big confusion. Too much ambition, confusions, and sometimes pressure, do not allow a student to graduate easily.

In such a situation, if the same question arises in your mind whether to do B.Tech or B.Sc. after twelfth? So this article is for you only. In this article, we are going to tell you the difference between BSc and BTech courses so that you can easily choose the right undergraduate course for yourself. Therefore, like every article, you should also read it completely. So let’s start and understand the difference between BSc and BTech courses.

Difference Between BSc and BTech Courses

BTech is a very famous bachelor’s degree which can be easily made if one completes it with interest and dedication. But it is also not completely correct to think that career opportunities are not available in BSC. Career options available in both the courses may be different but a good job can be easily done by completing the degree course of your choice.

➤ Full-Form

BSc is a study of science while BTech is a study of technology. BSC has full form Bachelor of Science and BTech has full form Bachelor of Technology.

➤ Types of Course

B.Sc is a study-oriented course while B. Tech is counted in job oriented courses.

➤ Duration of the Course

Talking about the duration of the course, the duration of the B.Sc course is three years while the B.Tech degree is obtained in four years.

➤ Area of ​​Study

Talking about the area of ​​study, B.Sc covers the study of pure science i.e. basic science while B. Tech covers the area of ​​applied science i.e. technical-based study.

➤ Content

Talking about the content, where BSC makes the content of the theoretical type available, then the content of BTech is practical and technical.

➤ Eligibility Criteria

As far as the criterion is concerned, in order to take a BSc course, you need to clear a ten plus two class science stream which should have at least 50 to 60 percent marks. Which course do you select in BSC? You should have PCB or PCM subjects in the twelfth standard.

For admission to the B.Tech course, you need to pass your Ten plus two class Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subject which should have at least 60 percent marks.

➤ Entrance Test

Talking about the entrance test, there are some important entrance tests for admission to the B.Sc course. BHU UET, MUEE, IISER Aptitude Test, ICAR AIEEA UG, CG PAT, MP PAT, PAU CET, UPCATET, and GITAM Aptitude Test, etc.

JEE-Main, BITSAT, SRMJEEE, AEEE, CIEAT, VITEEE, etc. are some of the important entrance tests for admission to the B.Tech course.

➤ Courses

In courses, you get course options in BTech such as Aeronautical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electronics & Communication.

B.Sc in B.Sc Biology, B.Sc Botany, B.Sc Mathematical Statistics, B.Sc Microbiology, B.Sc Biotechnology, B.Sc Agricultural and Dairy Science, B.Sc Biological Science, B.Sc Nursing, B.Sc Physiotherapy, B.Sc Bio-Medical Science, B.Sc Occupational Therapy, and B.Sc Physical Science You get all the course options.

For those students who are interested in the non-technical part and consider the research field more comfortable than the technical field, BSc can be a good undergraduate course. Whereas, for students who have an interest in the technical part of science such as designing, calculating, and performing, the BTech course may be suitable.

➤ Higher Studies

Talking about higher studies, MSc, MBA, MCA, B.Ed, and short term courses like SAP, Java, SQL, NET, and Financial Accounting and PGDM can be done after taking a BSc degree. Postgraduate degree courses like MTech, MS, and MBA can also be done after taking a BTech degree.

➤ Fees

By the way, in case of fees, the fees of the B.Sc course are much less than that of B.Tech.

➤ Career

If you talk about career options after BSC, then you can get such a government job by clearing the exam. IFS Officer in Forest Department, Laboratory Assistant in IARI, Medical Assistant in IAF, Nursing Officer in AIIMS, Grade B Officer in RBI, Assistant Officer in State Government, Assistant Officer in Indian Railways, and Probationary Officer in Public Sector Bank, etc.

Similarly, after getting a BSc degree, you can also apply for jobs in the awarding private sector of your subjects such as technical jobs in IT companies, assistants and nurses in private hospitals, assistants in the food industry, assistants in chemical factories, and executive. , Lab Assistant in Pharmaceutical Companies, etc.

Talking about the career options offered after taking a BTech degree, BTech graduates can choose career options like Computer Science Engineer, Mining Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Automobile Engineer, Robotics Engineer, and Tele Communication Engineer.

BTech graduates can also find good salary package jobs in companies like Tata Consultancy, Infosys Technologies, IBM Global Services, HCL Technologies, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, and Google.

Friends, one thing has been cleared with this article that you should choose the same Bachelor course which is of your interest and in which your future is seen very bright. A BTech degree taken without interest can not lead you to a brilliant career and even a BSC course offering lots of options cannot open the path to your bright future.

So choose your course thoughtfully and do what is right for you, because every course is better, it also provides jobs as long as it suits you and is of interest.


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