7 Difference Between C++ and Java | Java vs C++

Difference Between C++ and Java

Difference Between C++ and Java

Java vs C++: In this article, we will know about what is the difference between C++ and Java with the definitions of java and c++ programming language…

Thousands of languages ​​are spoken and written in different ways in the world. Some of these languages ​​are confined to a country or region whereas English is an internationally spoken language. Similarly, the computer also has a language which we call programming language.

Hello Friends, welcome back to all of you in our blog Starchand once again… Today we will know about what is the difference between C++ and Java with their definitions…

The programming language is written and understood by humans, that’s why English is used as the programming language of a computer. Computer programs, according to which the computer works, are written in a variety of languages, such as low-level language, assembly language, and high-level language.

The computer only understands machine language which consists of only two binary digits i.e. O and 1. To write coding using a programming language for a computer, man is able to understand the only high-level language easily because it is very easy, and simple English words are used in it.

Later the program is converted into machine language using the compiler so that the computer understands the instructions given by us. High-level language includes programming languages ​​like C, C++ Java Python, etc.

In this article today, we are going to tell you about Java and C++. Also, what is the difference between C++ and Java? You will also be given information about this. Therefore, you must read the article completely. So guys, first of all, we will know what is C++?

What is C++ Programming Language?

C++ is an object-oriented programming language developed in 1980 by Bell Stroustrup at the Bell Laboratory in the US. At first, it was named See with Classes, but in 1983 it was named See Plus Plus. C Plus Plus is a standard version of C language, so this language can be coding in the style of C.

Also, using object-oriented concepts, program codes are re-usable, which we cannot do in C language. C and Simla 67 were very popular languages ​​before the arrival of C++.

Bazarne Strostrup wanted to combine these two languages ​​into one language that had all the features of OOPs, the object-oriented programming system. Due to this desire to market, C Plus Plus developed. Today’s object-oriented programming is considered to be the best in programming.

C++ is an AC programming language in which OOPs rules can be implemented quite easily. That is, the concept of object-oriented programming systems can be learned quite easily through C Plus Plus. If one learns the C++ language well then it does not take much time to learn an object-oriented language in the world.

C++ is used to create system software. Programs written in the C Plus Plus programming language can be run on any one operating system such as Unix, Linux, Windows, etc. Also, the C++ language has been used to develop Oracle Database, MySQL, MySQL Server, Apache Web Server, PHP system-level software.

Similarly, various types of mobile platform software, satellite-connected software, and software of set-top boxes, etc. are also developed in C ++ language. The C C ++ language is also used to create all types of embedded software, device drivers, and network drivers. The new Microsoft Office Sweet Window OS that is currently being used has also been developed from C Plus Plus.

What is Java Programming Language?

Java is also an object-oriented programming language developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. In which James Gosling was the head of all, along with Patrick Naughton and Mike Sheridan also contributed to Java development. Java was initially named Oak, later changed to K Java. Java is known as a high-level language as it can be read and written easily by humans.

If you have already learned C or C++ programming language then you will not have any problem in learning Java language because Java language is a mixed form of C and C++. The Java language uses the syntax and fundamentals of the C Plus Plus programming language.

The motive behind creating the Java programming language was to make this language simple and portable so that it would be easy to learn and use. Java is also called multithreaded language which means that a Java program can accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously. This feature makes the Java programming language fast and interactive.

Java is used for software and application development. This is the platform-independent language which means that you can run the code written in it in any operating system. It follows the concept of OOPs. Java is the most secure language, so it is used in web development.

On the Internet, Java works together with other web-based languages. A powerful web application can be created with the help of JavaScript and Java Server Pages. It is also used to develop software or applications for almost all devices. All operating systems in Android such as KitKat, Lollipop, Oreo, etc. are all developed from this programming language.

So, friends, after reading the above paragraphs, we have known that what is C++? and what is java? and friends now we will know what is the difference between C++ and Java?

Difference Between C++ and Java

By now you must have understood what is C++ and Java? These are both programming languages, which are used to create software for the system. Java also uses the syntax of C++.

Meaning both of them to have one way of writing coding, but still, both these languages ​​have a lot of differences, and what are those differences? We are going to tell you this.

Difference Between C++ and Java

➤ Platform Independent

The first difference is that of platform independence. Where C Plus is a platform-dependent programming language because the code written in one computer cannot be run on another computer, whereas Java is a platform-independent programming language because we can run its byte code on any computer.

Code written in C Plus Plus has never executed the same way in another machine. Just as code written in Windows never runs in Mac OS but it is completely opposite in the case of Java.

➤ Uses of Them

Java is primarily used for application programmings such as window applications, web-based applications, enterprise, and mobile applications, while C++ is primarily used for system programming.

➤ OOPs

C++ is an object-oriented programming language but it cannot be called a fully object-oriented programming language as it can also create programs without classes and objects. But Java is a completely object-oriented programming language because the programs that are written in it cannot be created without classes and objects.

➤ Inheritance

C++ supports multiple inheritances in which a code can be used elsewhere. Which means that you can inherit functions created in one class in another class. Thus you will not need to rewrite these functions. While the Java language multiple does not support these returns. Instead, it uses interfaces.

➤ Compiler and Interpreter

The Java language uses both the compiler and the interpreter. This means that when compiled and run after writing a program in Java, Java converts the source code into byte code at compile-time and the interpreter converts the byte code into machine code at run time Executive produces its output.

The C++ language only uses the compiler to compile and run the program. Here the compiler converts the source code into machine code.

➤ Memory Allocate and Deallocate

In the C Plus Plus programming language, the programmer is responsible for getting memory allocated and deallocated. Memory management in Java is done through a JVM ie Java virtual machine. Meaning that it has memory allocate and deallocate automatic.

➤ Destructor

C++ supports the Destructor which destroys the memory while the Java Destructor is not supported as it has automatic garbage collection.

So friends, after reading this article we have known that what is the difference between C++ and Java? and as well as we have known about that what is the definition of c++ & Java programming language?


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