Facts About Oxford University in England

Facts About Oxford University

Facts About Oxford University

Oxford University: In this article, we’ll get all facts about Oxford University like chancellor, education, degrees, museum, & library

Hello friends, welcome back to all of you to our blog Starchand once again. Oxford University is England’s oldest university in England. There are 39 colleges affiliated to it, in which a large number of undergraduate and postgraduate subjects are taught.

There are 30 thousand students in the university, out of which 11728 students are doing graduation and 10941 students are doing post-graduation out of which one fourth are foreign students.

The name of Oxford University is known by most people in the world, its official name is the University of Oxford. Many students have a dream to study at Oxford University one day. Oxford University has been ranked as the best university in the world from 2016-17, according to the Times Higher Education ranking.

So, hello friends, welcome to all of you once again to our blog Starchand.com and today in this article we are going to tell you amazing information about Oxford University. Let’s know some interesting things about Oxford University.

Facts About Oxford University

➤ Oxford University is located in the city of Oxford, England, the capital of the United Kingdom.

➤ The head of the University of Oxford is called Chancellor.

➤ There is so much competition to take admission to Oxford that five people apply for one seat. In the year 2015, more than 18 thousand students had filled the form for three thousand seats.

➤ There are 3 types of graduate degree programs available at Oxford University. Five percent of the UK’s Graduate Research students fall here.

➤ Students from 140 countries and provinces come to study at Oxford University. 42 percent of the students studying here come from other countries.

➤ According to the Research Excellence Framework in 2014, Oxford has by far the most leading research and Oxford University includes several colleges and Oxford Press.

➤ Oxford is the largest employee of Haier. Only 17,000 jobs are generated from here, which puts 750 million pounds or about 75 crores in the regional economy.

➤ By the year 1884, girls were also allowed to take examinations here but they were not given degrees. The degree started getting in the year 1920 and in 1959, women also got all the rights completely. Oxford University received the status of education in the year 1974.

➤ The University of Oxford is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Modern architecture sits alongside the classy form of the University of Oxford. Recent buildings include Grade One listed red brick flooring building and Said business school with a Jaguar tower. The new biochemistry building has glass windows that allow travelers to find work attracted to them.

➤ The famous Bodleian Library at Oxford University dates back to the Elizabethan era. It was founded by Sir Thomas Bodley, a student at Oxford University. Affectionately known as aboard. It is the second-largest library in the country after the British Library. This library has more than 12 million items but is not a lending library and items cannot be removed.

➤ The name of Oxford University is not known worldwide. From here, 28 Nobel winners, 27 UK Prime Ministers, and many Hedostats have been read.

➤ Oxford University houses the oldest university museum and university press in the world.

➤ Oxford University is located in the city of Oxford on the River Thames and 80 kilometers northwest of London, the country’s capital.

➤ This university came into existence 1096 or about 915 years ago. Oxford University was recognized as a university in 1167 but the University of Oxford is believed to have originated in 1133.

➤ Oxford University’s motto is “Dominus Illuminatio Me” which is in Latin. The language of scholarship during the Middle Ages. It means God is my light.

➤ Oxford University is believed to be a private university unlike the University of Cambridge. But it is considered a national institution.

➤ Famous British Prime Ministers who graduated from Oxford University include Clement Italy, William Gladstone, Harald Macmillan, and Margaret Thatcher.

➤ In the medieval period, students at Oxford University were bound by church rules. Who did not allow them to marry? This is why they are awarded the first degree called the Bachelor of Arts.

➤ Oxford University passed a constitution in 1875 that allowed delegates to make preliminary and final examinations almost upon graduation.

➤ The Oxford ranks first in Business Studies, English, Politics, Logical Sciences, Fine Arts, Middle Eastern and African Studies, Music, and Philosophy.

➤ In 2010 University was ranked 10th in the world and second in Europe. In 2011 Oxford University was ranked fourth in the world as the best school. Celtic was number one while Howard University and Stanford University tied for second and third.

➤ Like Cambridge, the academic year at Oxford is divided into three terms called Michael Mass October to December, Hillary January to March, and the Twerndi term April to June.

➤ The University of Oxford has 102 libraries and it is Central Research Library has more than 11 million volumes at 190 million shelving. It is the UK’s largest academic library system.

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