How Much Water Should a Person Drink Daily & How?

How Much Water Should a Person Drink Daily & How?

How Much Water Should a Person Drink Daily & How?

In this article, we’ll know how much water should a person drink daily and how, how much & what kind of water should we drink daily & its health effects… Hello Friends, Welcome back to all of you to our blog Starchand once again.

Friends, when we are born, our body is made up of 75 percent water, but with increasing age, this water decreases. After becoming an adult, the amount of water in a normal male is 60 percent. At the same time, a women’s body is made up of 55 percent water. After all, where is this water in our body?

✫ Where is the Water in our Body?

Some water is present in our kidneys and liver. stomach, bladder And accumulates like spinal fluid in the bones of the spine. Our heart and brain are made up of about 75 percent water, and about 83 percent of water is present in our lungs. But most of the water in the whole body is present in the cells of our body. You will be surprised to know that our bones which appear completely hard and dry also contain up to 31 percent water.

Overall, if we see this way, all the organs in our body need water to do their work properly. For this reason, a person may stay for a long time without eating food but cannot live for a day without drinking water.

Due to water being so much more essential for our body, it becomes very necessary for us to follow the rules related to it. Because of the way, time and quantity of drinking water has an effect on our body, both good and bad.

✫ Bad Effects of Drinking Water in Wrong way

Many diseases like Joint pain, constipation, migraine, skin spots and pimples, hair loss, persistent stomach and intestinal problems, poor digestion of food, weakness and laziness in the body, poor sleep at night Many diseases like coming, kidney diseases, dryness and wrinkles in the skin, uric acid, obesity and weakness in the veins of the body are caused by mistakes related to drinking only water.

Nowadays many people are troubled by these problems only because they are not consciously paying attention to the essential things related to drinking water and they never get to know the reason for not getting any kind of disease in the body.

✫ Benefits of Drinking Water in Right way

The person who takes the habit of drinking only water properly in his life remains healthy and healthy in every season. Eyes, bones, hair, and skin remain young for a long life. The stomach is always clean and the skin always glows.

Not only this, but many diseases can also be completely cured by changing the way of drinking water and more than five kilos of weight can be reduced in a month without diet and exercise only with the help of water.

The rules related to drinking water are very simple but the benefits are amazing. Let us know how much water should a person drink daily? When and how should we drink water? What kind of water should I drink? And how can we get rid of different problems by using only water?

We need to know all these things because due to negligence in any kind of rules related to water, our body suffers a lot of damage.

So, friends, after reading the above paragraph, we have known about the benefits of drinking water in the right way and friends now we will know how much water should a person drink daily?

✫ How Much Water Should a Person Drink Daily

➤ The amount of water to drink throughout the day depends on each person’s body size, weight, physical activity, and weather. Every day, the water continuously decreases from our body through urine, feces, and perspiration, and also in the process of speaking and breathing, the body’s water comes out as steam.

In this way we drain 2 to 3 liters of water out of our body every day, so normally a man is advised to drink between two and a half to three and a half liters of water in a day and women drink two to three liters of water is considered good for the body.

➤ If you do workouts daily in the morning or in the evening, then, in that case, the amount of water should be increased slightly and drink a little more than the recommended amount, especially in summer. Drinking more water is good for our health, but excessive amounts of water in the body can also be harmful to our kidneys.

➤ Whether or not you are drinking the right amount of water throughout the day can be identified by the color of urine. If the color of your urine is yellow then it is a sign that your body is dehydrated and you need to drink water. On the other hand, if your urine color is clear like the water, then it displays that our body is fully hydrated.

So, friends, after reading the above para, we have known How Much Water Should a Person Drink Daily? and friends now we will know when should & shouldn’t drink water?

✫ When Should Drink Water?

➤ Start your day with water instead of tea or coffee to take full advantage of all the nutrients you get from good health and water. Whether thirsty or not. Get up early in the morning and drink 500 mL ie about one to two glasses of lukewarm water.

Drinking lukewarm water every morning on an empty stomach cleanses our stomach and our intestines in a correct manner and at the same time, overnight mouth saliva also reaches inside the stomach.

➤ In Ayurveda, the morning saliva that is made in the morning is said to be more important than sleeping because the mouth saliva that is made in the morning contains all the enzymes necessary for our body which enters our body by drinking water on an empty stomach. And do a good effect on our health.

➤ About 250ml of water comes in a glass. In this way, drink two and a half to three liters of water throughout the day on an empty stomach in the morning, drink two glasses ie 500 mL of water. Drink a glass half an hour after breakfast and one a glass 30 minutes before eating food and 45 minutes after. Drink two glasses of water in the evening at an interval of one hour and drink one glass of water 30 minutes before dinner and 45 minutes after.

➤ If you go to the gym or work out every day or your job involves walking outside or doing physical work, then drink about two glasses of water by doing half glass in between each time during work. It has become a matter of when should we drink water? Now know when we should not drink water?

✫ When should not Drink Water?

➤ Never drink water immediately before or immediately after eating food, because by doing this the food eaten becomes more diluted and the food is not digested properly.

➤ When we eat food, digestive juices start to form in our stomach to digest the food we ate along with the first morsel of food. The digestive juices digest the food present in the stomach with its heat. Just as we cook raw food by heating it.

➤ By drinking water immediately after eating, the food starts rotting instead of being properly digested and gas is formed. If you have to sit all day, then the gas produced due to drinking water immediately after eating food can also get deposited in other parts of our body, due to which the problem of pain in the stomach, head, and joints over time It seems to happen.

➤ The biggest problem caused by not digesting stomach food is acidity and people who drink water continuously after eating food have to face the problem of stomach irritation and acidity for a long time.

➤ If the stomach food does not digest properly, it also causes cholesterol to rise in the body and at the same time, it also increases the amount of uric acid in the body. So never drink water immediately after or before eating. Always drink water only after 45 minutes to an hour after eating food.

➤ If you eat too much dry food, two to three sips of water can be drunk immediately after eating food, but if you feel like drinking more water then drink buttermilk, lemonade, or seasonal fruit juice instead of drinking water.

Along with this, drink milk instead of water after dinner. Because the protein present in milk provides energy to the body slowly throughout the night and the amino acid called tryptophan in it helps in calming the mind and helps in getting good sleep.

➤ Whenever you drink water on an empty stomach in the morning, always drink it before urinating, and in the same way, never drink water immediately after urinating at all times in the day.

Because when we urinate, the internal organs of our body shrink rapidly and in such a situation, drinking water immediately weakens the internal organs and nerves, which causes the problem of not stopping urine and digesting water properly and after drinking, water starts urinating again and again.

➤ Do not drink cold water immediately after hot things like tea or coffee, because doing so damages our throat and tonsils.

➤ In the same way, cold fruits, Citrus fruits or juices already have high amounts of them, avoid drinking water immediately after eating them Because by drinking water, they are not fully digested in our stomach, due to which the chances of cold cough and stomach upset increase significantly.

✫ How to Drink Water?

➤ Water should always be drunk slowly, just as tea or coffee is drunk.

➤ While drinking water, first put it in your mouth for a while and then swallow. This is the best way to drink water and people who get used to this method never get any kind of disease in their body because by drinking a little water, the saliva of mouth along with water also goes inside the stomach and it The method is most beneficial in the morning.

➤ Never drink water too quickly and do not drink a lot of water at once because our body only has the ability to digest 200 to 250 mL of water at a time. If you will drink more than a glass of water at once in a round of drinking too much water, then such water is not fully absorbed by our body and passes out very quickly through the urine.

So drink a glass of water sip like a tea every 45 minutes or an hour and drink it by mouth in a glass or bottle.

➤ Never lump up the neck and drink a lot of water at the same time, and always drink water while sitting, because standing or walking, drinking water enters the body rapidly and due to drinking from above, it is very comfortable with it.

All the gas is also carried in the body, which creates pressure and drag in the internal organs of the body. The same water has the effect of different ways in our body in sitting and drinking water slowly, sooner or standing.

➤ By slowly drinking water, it keeps the pH level of our body under control and calms the stomach acid and not only that, along with water, the saliva of the mouth also goes inside the body, our digestion is good and the fat in the stomach Are not stored.

On the other hand, if you drink water quickly or while standing, then the internal organs and nerves of our body become weak. The number of gas increases in the body, which later also causes joint pain.

✫ What Kind of Water Should Drink?

➤ No matter how much heat is there, never drink too much cold water or ice water in the fridge. Always drink only lukewarm water.

Many people feel that too much-chilled water or icy water in the fridge brings coolness in our body but it is not so. When ice water enters our body, it cools in the beginning but in a short time, it becomes very hot which starts heating our body instead of cooling it.

➤ Drinking cold water has very few benefits. People who always like to drink cold water, along with water in their body, the food is not digested properly and also due to drinking too much cold water, there may be problems in the head like pain, indigestion, and constipation, etc.

Therefore always cold water Instead of drinking, drink only normal temperature water or drink lightly hot.

➤ Drinking hot water in the cold and rainy season provides many benefits to our body because drinking hot water digests food quickly and especially those who have frequent constipation or joint pain should always drink light hot water.

Drinking hot water is very beneficial in cold and sinus problems, but people who have acidity or high blood pressure should not consume hot water.

Friends, it takes a little more to hear so many things related to drinking water, but believe it, all these rules are so simple that if you follow these rules for only one week, then slowly you will get used to these methods and after that without You will start doing everything according to the rules.

So friends, after reading this article we have known that how much water should a person drink daily? and as well as we have known about the health effects of drinking water in the right & wrong way.


So, Friends, we hope that this article will prove very effective in your life. It has always been our endeavor that through our articles you get complete information on the given topic so that, you do not have to go anywhere else.

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