What is Virtual Memory? and How It Works?

What is Virtual Memory

What is Virtual Memory? All About Virtual Memory

What is virtual memory: In this article, we’ll know all about virtual memory like definition, works, benefits, & drawbacks, etc… Hello Friends, welcome back to all of you in our blog Starchand once again.

You must have heard a lot about memory in the technical world, it should be good only if your system or any device works better. In the same way in this article today, we will talk about virtual memory which keeps on being mentioned around and you will be aware of it. But in this article today, we have brought complete info about virtual memory.

What is Virtual Memory?

Computers nowadays are used all the time and the ROM and RAM in the computer are well known to you. But apart from these two memories, there is another memory which is needed in the computer as much as RAM and ROM and this memory name is virtual memory. Today we are going to give you complete information about virtual memory, so friends know what is virtual memory?

In order to do multi-processing work on the computer, it is very important to have RAM. Multi-processing means opening multiple programs or applications simultaneously. This includes the use of programs such as web browsers, Microsoft Word, Photoshop Excel, etc. at the same time.

RAM runs the task of running various applications and programs on any computer. Every time we open different applications in our system, the amount of RAM space is filled to run these applications, and sometimes a situation comes in such a way that the space of RAM remains completely by running these applications After which no application or software is run in the computer. So in such situations, the computer uses it (virtual memory).

Virtual memory uses the computer’s hard disk space for an alternative task of RAM in the computer, ie virtual memory provides a separate RAM to the computer which is completely different from physical RAM. It is different because physical RAM is in the form of a chip in a computer system which is hardware and virtual memory is software. If there is less RAM space in a system then virtual memory is used to fill that gap.

The size of RAM is limited in every computer system. When we open more than one application or files in the computer, the RAM space is full, which is why the speed of the system slows down, then at that time the data of the RAM, virtual memory is Sends to hard disk space, which causes the RAM to become empty so that RAM is able to perform computer tasks better.

✫ How Virtual Memory Works?

Whenever the RAM space in the computer becomes full, the operating system of the computer checks the applications and files that we keep open in our system and whatever file or application is minimized in the system i.e. at which time the user If it is not working, then the computer transfers all those data of RAM to virtual memory with the help of paging files.

When data is transferred from physical memory to virtual memory, the OS divides the programs of those applications into page files and also adds the address of a fixed number with each page file.

To transfer data, the computer looks at areas of RAM that have not been used recently and copies them to the virtual memory of the hard disk. Every page file is collected by going to a hard disk. This causes our RAM space to be empty and the application that the user is currently working on runs very well, with new applications also being able to load easily.

When we open the applications that we have minimized, the OS sends the file address that was transferred to the virtual memory of the hard disk at that time by copying it back from the disk and sending it back to RAM, We can easily work on that program or application. The Operating System doesn’t load all files from HDD to RAM until they are needed.

This process increases the size of the RAM in the computer so that the problem of low size RAM can be got rid of when running more than one program on the computer.

Virtual memory is not a physical memory of a computer, but a technique that permits the execution of a large program that cannot be completely stored in the primary memory. Virtual memory is a part of the operating system that helps to complete the function of RAM and all the applications which you were not able to access earlier will now be easily accessible through this memory.

✫ Benefits of Virtual Memory

Virtual memory was created at a time when RAM used to be expensive and because of the limited amount of RAM in computers, When we run many programs at the same time, then the computer’s memory becomes full. With virtual memory, we can almost double the RAM of our computer, which increases the speed of the computer more than before.

➤ The biggest advantage of this is that programmers can write huge programs to build applications because virtual memory is much larger than physical memory.

➤ With the help of virtual memory, you will be able to easily run even larger programs on your computer.

➤ Virtual memory is best for those who do not want to upgrade their computer system, that is, they do not want to buy new and larger size RAM but want to work fast on the computer.

➤ Opening more than one application at a time in the system can be used without interruption.

➤ Virtual memory can be used in all large operating systems.

➤ Virtual memory is primarily a technique for expanding the RAM capacity for users.

✫ The Drawback of Virtual Memory

Placing more page files of the program in the hard disk slows down the process of getting those files because the comparison of accessing data from the main memory RAM takes longer to access data from the hard disk. So it takes some time to run multiple applications.


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